Sustainable Fashion

Emilio Ricci is a pioneer for organic natural fabrics stylist in Italy: he personally designs them in order to offer to his customers a mind and body well-being.

The more fabric makes contact with skin, the highest the benefits, that’s why he pays specific attention to night and underwear.

Babies sensitive skin is ideal for Emilio Ricci garments, with its antiallergic and antibacterial features we will explore further on.

Using the pruning of some plants, yarn is produced to make fabrics, saving an extremely high amount of water compared to cotton production.

Let’s take an example: 3000 litres of water are needed to make a cottn T-shirt, we make one with 30 litres.

Another major goal of our fabric is respecting the environment, not creating further pollution thanks to a natural raw material, whose disposal needs zero CO2 emissions.

This is why we define our clothing and all our products ECOFRIENDLY .

How about the others?