Ethical Code

The brand focuses on respecting Nature and the Environment we all live in.

While everybody announces a radical change of behavior towards nature, disregarding promises, Emilio Ricci makes respecting nature his raison d’être in the field of fashion, which produces way more pollution that one may think.

Being the first one to offer an entirely ecofriendly fashion makes the founder of the Fashion House extremely proud.

His vision in the field of fashion has always been targeted towards this goal. Being is not less important than appearances.

Emilio Ricci strives to make them closer, until they are almost a single thing…

With all the new discoveries and technologies available, it is now possible to offer fabrics that can bring well-being and relief to people wearing them. And on top of that, respecting nature!

Emilio Ricci has engaged in putting profit mindset in background, endorsing respect for his customers and for Mother Nature; this is the brand philosophy that gives origin to every choice.